DVB-H & DVB-T Antennas



Commitment to innovative solutions for DTV/DVB

JAMPRO was the first antenna company to introduce DTV Solutions as far back as 1993. We were the first to develop and introduce antennas that would accommodate a DTV signal while conserving tower loading.


Oldest U.S. broadcast antenna company

For more than 50 years JAMPRO has designed, tested and manufactured FM and TV broadcast systems thereby establishing itself as a leader in RF technology throughout the world.


Only domestic U.S. manufacturer of complete DTV and DVB systems

JAMPRO was the first U.S. manufacturer to design, test and build a broadband UHF panel antenna in the United States. A UHF panel antenna, combiner and waveguide or transmission line ensures total DTV system integrity and quality with all JAMPRO products.


First to introduce and develop Circular Polarization for TV

One of the largest contributions to the broadcast industry was the development of Circular Polarization for TV when the helical Spiral antenna was introduced. Today, many Spiral antennas are in service including WBBM, WLS and the #1 independent station in the United States - KTVK, in Phoenix, Arizona.


One of the largest number of slot antennas delivered

More than 20 years ago, JAMPRO began designing and producing UHF slot antennas for the U.S. domestic market. Today, there are hundreds of slot antennas in service around the world.


Largest number of batwing antennas produced *

Leading the way again in VHF broadcasting was the development and production of the Batwing antenna. JAMPRO has been manufacturing batwing antennas longer than any other RF manufacturer in the world. This harsh and rugged antenna is the choice for many TV broadcasters.


Unequaled customer service and support

JAMPRO's 24-hour, 365 days-per-year customer service is unmatched by any other antenna manufacturer worldwide. The expansion of JAMPRO's regional offices is a strong commitment to unequaled customer service and support.


*By an existing company

JAT Batwing Antenna - (Band I and III)

JTC - Spiral TV Antenna

JUHD - UHF Panel Antenna (Band IV,V)

Prostar Series - JA-LS, JA-MS, JSL, JSM

JA-SS Series - Horizontal UHF Super Slot

JL-SS Series

JAMS Broadband UHF Slot antenna

JAT-UHF Superturnstile