Sidemount, HD, Dipole & Panel

Join Jampro for a full line of FM Antennas. We offer Panel antennas, sidemount antennas dipole antennas and specially designed HD Radio antennas


             Side mount Antennas

                     500w – 1kw

JBVP - Vertical Broadband

         JLVP – Low power Vertical Sidemount                 JLHP – Low Power Horizontal Ring               JLCP – Low Power Circular Sidemount

         JLLP – Low Power Circular Penetrator                      JLPC – Circular Penetrator                              JCPB – Circular Broadband



                     5kw - 10kw

     JMPC – Medium Power Circular Penetrator          JMVP - Medium Power Vertical Dipole             JMHP - Medium Power Horizontal Ring


                 JCPB - Circular Broadband                 JBCP-M - Circular Medium Power "Optimizer"


                     10kw - 50kw

JAVA Broadband Log Periodic

        JHPC - High Power Circular Penetrator                JHVP - High Power Vertical Dipole                   JHHP - High Power Horizontal Ring


      JBCP-H - Circular High Power "Optimizer"


                     50kw - 80kw

JHCP - High Power Circular Penetrator "The Brute"         JSWB - High Power Broadband


             Panel Antennas

              Vertical Panels

               JFVD - Vertical dipole flat panel


                     Circular Panels

              JFVX - High Gain Vertical Dipole


     JCPD - (Four dipole flat Panel) *HD Ready    JAHD - Arrowhead dipole flat panel *HD Ready    JADP - Cavity Backed radiator *HD Ready


                    JFCB - Crossbow Panel


                     Horizontal Panels

                JFHD - Dual dipole flat Panel

Elliptical Panels


             JEPD - Four dipole flat Panel