HD Radio Planning Assistance

HD Radio Information

Put Jampro’s 50 years of broadcast manufacturing experience to work for your HD Radio upgrade. If you already have a Jampro antenna installed, it’s probably already I.B.O.C. - HD Radio compatible. Contact the factory with your serial number for the specifics about your specific system. Configurations available: Single antenna system with injector; separate antenna bays for HD radio; dual input side mount and panel systems; shared aperture bays for limited tower space or load limits; and multiple station digital antenna systems. The Jampro digital injectors work with Jampro and most other brand antennas that meet the HD Radio technical requirements. All systems are configured to your site specifications.


                     Full Overview to implement HD system

                     FM HD Overview PDF Slide Show

                     System Configuration Assistance Flow Chart

                     Steps To HD Radio Pamphlet

                     RCHA-323-10HD injector literature

                     RCHA-222-10HD injector literature

                     Configuring the RCHA-XXX-10HD Injector

                     FM-7380 Isolator/Circulator

                     Case Study of Shared Aperture HD antenna