Learn about JAMPRO

       Jampro Antennas Inc. was conceived of the need for quality broadcast systems at a reasonable price. From the first system delivered in 1954 to those installed today, consistent performance and quality founded on solid engineering has been our commitment. From concept to completion, each of JAMPRO's products receives the attention to detail and quality that have built our reputation as the world leader in the broadcast industry. Today, over 25,000 broadcasters worldwide benefit from the quality and performance of JAMPRO's systems.


About Jampro

       Engineering has always been JAMPRO's main focus. Extensive time and resources are dedicated to research and development, paving the way for such innovative products as our circularly polarized TV antennas, our skewed V dipole FM PENETRATOR antennas, our inter-digital filters and combiners, and our dual-mode NTSC/HDTV simulcast antennas.


       In addition to our electrical engineers, JAMPRO's team also includes civil and mechanical engineers. Our engineers are well versed in international engineering standards and can calculate specifications of even the most unique system designs according to the standards of any country.


       JAMPRO's Drafting Department is the mechanical arm of our Engineering Department. Product designs are modeled using SolidWorks 3D software prior to being built. Exact dimensions, weights, wind loads and potential mounting configurations are determined in this department. Diagrams for our instruction manuals are generated here, ensuring accurate, detailed engineering drawings accompany every product we provide. Our designers also provide drawings for projects in the bidding stage. This means our customers know the mechanical specifications of their product before they make a purchase.


       Each JAMPRO product is manufactured by our experienced production staff at our factory in Sacramento, California. Several members of our production team have been working with us for over 30 years, developing stringent quality control methods and standard testing and inspecting procedures over the years. No JAMPRO product leaves our factory without first passing each of these tests and inspections. JAMPRO'S long history in manufacturing broadcast equipment allows us to keep our prices competitive while still building the highest quality equipment available.


       It is well known in the industry that JAMPRO does not stock off the shelf products, but builds each of our systems to the specifications of the individual broadcaster. Although most equipment fits similar specifications and may be built by standard methods, JAMPRO is reputed for our innovation in customizing our systems. Customizing a product could include broadcasting a standard FM antenna for Multiplex applications, developing a custom directional pattern for an antenna, engineering a custom design so an antenna will withstand extremely harsh environments, or anything else that meets the specific needs of our customers. These custom built systems truly reflect the teamwork between JAMPRO's Sales Engineering and Production Departments.

Directional patterns and pattern measurement studies are conducted at JAMPRO'S 7,000 foot full scale test range. Situated on 724 acres of undeveloped land, our test range is the ideal environment in which to develop custom azimuth patterns. Our test range technicians are all experienced with pattern development and can generate patterns that best fit our customers' coverage requirements without the complications many of our competitors experience. We use only the latest state-of-the-art testing and analyzing equipment at our test range to ensure the accuracy of each pattern we measure. The finished product is a direct reflection of JAMPRO'S commitment to excellence, often exceeding the expectations of our customers.


       Our factory technicians lead our Field Service Department. Each of JAMPRO'S field technicians have been with us for over 10 years and have the knowledge and practical hands-on experience to solve any problem while in the field. Any new technicians that join our company are carefully trained with the goal of eventually reaching the level of experience and confidence necessary to represent our company in the field. Field services provided by JAMPRO include final installation inspections, retuning antennas, filters and combiners, repairing any JAMPRO product, and complete system inspection and analysis. Our proximity to an international airport means that sending our field technicians to your site in an emergency is as easy as a few phone calls.


Key Milestones

1967 - FM PENETRATOR antenna developed. The only US-made FM antenna to be awarded a US Patent. More than 4000 in service worldwide.


1973 - Multi-Station TV & FM Systems, KSL. Salt Lake City, Utah


1977 - Circular Polarization Introduced for TV Helical Spiral Antenna Developed


1982 - Hancock Building Installation Chicago, Illinois


1992 - UHF Broadband Panel: First U.S. company to design, test, and build a UHF Broadband Panel


1993 - Introduce First DTV Solution Antenna NAB 93


1993 - HDTV Antenna Performance Paper Presented NAB 93 Stacked Aperture System


1994 - Dual Mode TV Antennas Telecom, Australia


1995 - First 240kW TV System in Asia Jakarta, Indonesia


1997 - Spiral & UHF Panel Antenna Honolulu, Hawaii


Distinguished Achievements

             •  1,400 kW AM Tuner/Phaser for Beirut, Lebanon

             •  Circularly polarized TV antenna installed on the world's tallest building in Chicago, Illinois

             •  Complete island FM broadcast system for Taiwan

             •  American Armed Forces Radio and TV Services worldwide

             •  Complete FM and TV broadcast systems for 26 sites in Cote D'Ivoire

             •  First countrywide TV antenna system for Uganda

             •  Dual-mode antenna to simulcast Band II and Band III from a single antenna for Australia

             •  Eight broadcast antenna patents

             •  High power FM antenna for Paraguay

             •  Elliptically polarized UHF panel antenna system for Manila, Philippines

             •  High power combining system for four FM and one TV signal for Seoul, Korea

             •  High power FM directional panel array for Charlotte, North Carolina

             •  VHF antenna system for Mongolia

             •  120 kW circularly polarized top-mounted UHF slot antenna for Cleveland, Ohio

             •  Chosen for fast response time to put NBC-TV, NY back on the air after 9/11 attack

             •  Quick replacement antenna for WXYK after Hurricane Katrina, 2005