When you want More than Just an Antenna.
When you want More than Just an Antenna.

3 Element Yagi FM Antenna

Jampro’s J3YF 3 Element Yagi FM Antenna construction includes hot‐dip Galvanized Steel. It provides a directional radiation pattern and is also suitable for both medium and high power FM stacked arrays. They are designed to survive in harsh environments.

3 Element FM Yagi Antenna


Band: 87.5 – 108MHz.
Bandwidth: FM Band
Average Gain: 4.5 dBd (6.65 dBi)
VSWR: <1.3.1:1
Polarization: Vertical or Horizontal available on request
Max Power: 5000 W (Single Carrier)
Connector: 7/8” EIA

Mechanical Features:
Materials include body and bracket hot-dip galvanized steel, Stainless steel hardware, Teflon isolators, and also silicone O‐Rings.

3 Element Yagi FM Antenna Mounting:

  • Antenna mountings also include pipes for both horizontal and vertical polarization.
  • The standard option for the pole is Ø 3.5” to 4.5” / 90 to 114mm
  • Also available on request option for pole Ø 2.36” to 2.99” / 60 to 76mm
  • Mounting Brackets: Included
  • Distance Between Antennas: 2.5m ‐ 3m / 8.25 ft ‐ 9.84 ft

Moreover, this antenna supports both vertical or horizontal polarization. It supports systems having directional, semi-directional and omnidirectional diagrams.


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JY3F - 3 Element Yagi FM Antenna (175 downloads)