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When you want MORE than JUST an Antenna.
When you want MORE than JUST an Antenna.

FM Broadcast Antennas

FM Broadcast Antennas

FM Broadcast Antennas manufactured by Jampro Antennas focus on performance, quality, and longevity. These may be omnidirectional or a directional FM broadcast antenna. Moreover, the antennas utilize high-quality marine brass and/or hot-dipped galvanized steel. This also includes the relevant brackets and accessories.

FM Broadcast Antenna Products:

Our product line includes a range of Low, Medium, and High Power FM solutions. Please review the following product pages.

Customization of the antennas is available. This can include both Beam Tilt and Null Fill. Also, the number of bays or elements required to obtain the antenna gain you require. Both a directional FM broadcast antenna or an omnidirectional coverage solution is available.

Multi-Frequency FM Broadcast Antennas:

Should your antenna need to carry multiple channels, then we can offer broadband antenna solutions. These will have an excellent VSWR response across the band. The various frequencies can be fed into a single antenna via one of our Combiner/Filter solutions. We will configure the combiner to your specification. Additionally, we will configure for the optimum channel separation and filtering.  Please ask the Jampro sales team for more details.

Connectors & Accessories:

Jampro not only supplies antennas but all the feeders, both the Rigid Transmission Line and Flexible. Besides, we will automatically include in your proposal all the required connectors and accessories. This means the feeder cable from the transmitter to your antenna via any combiners/filters or switch bay. Please review our Rigid Transmission Line and Components catalog.


Besides, all our FM Broadcast Antenna designs will happily operate in hostile environments. Radomes, Dehydrators, and De-icing equipment assure uninterrupted operation, even in the worst weather conditions. We can also provide accurate windage figures for our products. This includes icing weights to ensure your tower/mast will support the load during inclement weather conditions.

Broadcast Towers/Masts:

Furthermore, radio station Broadcast Towers can be complex to set up. Jampro manufactures, installs, and commissions Broadcast Towers as part of a turnkey project.  This includes everything following the transmitter output to the antenna. Please also review our Broadcast Tower page. Finally, please give Jampro a call or leave a message via our contact form page.

If you have your antenna specification ready, please fill in our Technical Specification form page. We will be directly in touch to discuss your project.

FM Broadcast Antenna Catalog Download:

FM Catalog