FM Panel Antennas

Jampro’s FM Panel Antennas are available for a range of applications. 7 different antenna types are available to provide you with a comprehensive range of coverage options. The antennas include;

FM Panel Antennas
Multiple FM Panel Antenna types are available

The Jampro range of antennas also allows the design and optimization of the coverage area. Our engineers aim to fulfill all your requirements.

Moreover, the Screen and Dipole assemblies are manufactured from galvanized/stainless steel.  This guarantees trouble-free service under even the harshest of weather conditions.

Jampro experts are also available to customize the antenna designs. Power and phase differences between each face can deliver multiple directional patterns.

The products are ideal for multi-channel operation from 88 to 108MHz in the FM band.  The VSWR figures of 1.1>1 are available and are also designed with effcientcy in mind.

FM Panel Antennas that will last!

Also, the aerodynamics of the panels is very important. Windage reduction is provided by the round cross-section members of the galvanised screen and dipole assembly.

Finally, weather protection is usually provided by GRP covers. These leave the electrical elements not needing deicing. This results in increased overall reliability and also reduces operating costs. Moreover, the pressurized feed systems and avoidance of dissimilar metal junctions allow FM arrays to provide an integrated design with very high reliability.