When you want More than Just an Antenna.
When you want More than Just an Antenna.

Jampro Tops One World Trade Center NYC

Jampro Antennas/ADB selected to supply a Complete Turnkey System. This required fulfilling the demanding requirements defined by the customer and the application. The WJLP-TV project was for CH.3. It was erected on the One World Trade Center in New York.

Crossbow Panel – One World Trade Center NY

Jampro/ADB supplied the following;

  • Circularly Polarized Crossbow Panel Antenna.
  • Complete RF System including an enormous amount of PROline Rigid line and components.
  • Mask Filter/RF System.
  • RCPU Antenna switch frame/power splitter.
  • Installation.
  • Commissioning.

The equipment design adhered strictly to the port authorities requirements. It also included extensive site-specific engineering. This involved the design and layout of the rigid line run from the 90th floor to rooftop tower. An Auxillary (ADB Lambda) antenna remains on the 4 Time Square building in New York City.

Jampro’s selection was a result of a demanding evaluation and best meeting WJLP-TV’s exacting requirements.

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