RCCS Starpoint Combiner

RCCS Starpoint Combiner

The Jampro RCCS Starpoint combiner provides an inexpensive method to combine two or more low to medium power signals.

Also, RCCS combiners employ bandpass filters and various lengths of transmission line configured to make these filters mutually invisible. Also, the poles and filter sizes determine the channel separation of the combined signals.

Moreover, customization for each customer is standard. Jampro recommends all clients contact our engineering staff. This will aid in the selection of the combiner system that best suits your needs.

Features of RCCS Starpoint Combiner

  • High Isolation.
  • Low Loss.
  • Low VSWR.
  • Cost Effective.

Finally, for more information and pricing, please call the Jampro team. Alternatively, leave a message via the Contact Us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


RCCS-Data-Sheet.pdf (31 downloads)