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When you want MORE than JUST an Antenna.
When you want MORE than JUST an Antenna.

UHF Broadband Slot Antenna

UHF Broadband Slot Antenna

This is the “True and Tested” PROSTAR UHF Broadband slot antenna. Moreover, it’s available for combined Analog & Digital applications. It also eliminates the need for multiple antennas. Additionally, we provide a single, compact solution that conserves tower space and minimizes tower loading.

  • Broadband typical 100-120 MHz * Above 200 MHz available
  • Horizontal, Elliptical, Circular Polarization is available.
  • Ideal for Multi-Channel operation, Auxiliary System, etc.
  • Rugged construction.
  •  Also ideal for Harsh Environments.
  •  Partial radome for low wind loading & full radomes available.
  • Constructed of marine brass, copper, aluminum, and virgin Teflon.

UHF Broadband Slot Antenna that Eliminates Multiple Antennas

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