UHF TV Slot Antennas

Jampro Antennas offers a complete range of UHF TV Slot Antennas ranging from 500 watts to 180 kw+.

Jampro’s JA/MS-BB Broadband UHF TV Slot antennas, part of the legendary Prostar™ line, offers an economical alternative to buying, installing and maintaining multiple antennas.

UHF TV Slot Antenna - Prostar

A single, compact solution, it conserves tower space and minimizes wind loading. The Broadband UHF Slot antenna provides exceptional bandwidth, power handling, stable pattern performance and gains with only 20% of the weight and wind loading of a compatible UHF panel array. 

Delivering Slot antennas for over 35 years, Jampro’s services provide extensive system design, field testing including installation, commissioning & training.  Also, broadcast maintenance services plus background support will be available. We also provide an exhaustive range of TV antennas for UHF bands IV/V. Products are also available for DMB, and ATSC 3.0 modulation.

Delivering Broadband UHF TV Slot antennas for over 35 Years!

Furthermore, we specialize in horizontal, vertical, elliptical and circularly polarized antennas. Jampro’s Antennas are customizable to fulfill our client’s requirements. Customization of gain, patterns, and power levels are available. Also, the rugged construction and optimized mechanical/electrical design of the antennas provides a long and efficient working life.

For more information on UHF TV Slot Antennas, please call the Jampro team now. Alternatively, please leave a message via the Contact us page. We will respond to you as soon as possible.