When you want MORE than JUST an Antenna.
When you want MORE than JUST an Antenna.

Vertically Polarized FM Antennas

The Jampro JLVP “Vertical Dipole” series of antennas provide a vertically polarized side mount FM antenna system. It consists of a balun fed vertical dipole and rigid coaxial feed system. The antennas construction is of durable non-corrosive brass and copper. In addition, all associated brackets and hardware utilize stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized steel. This ensures many years of dependable service.

Vertically Polarized FM Antennas

Furthermore, the JLVP is cable fed and will handle a maximum input power of up to 1 kW. The JMVP is also fed with a 1-5/8” inner-bay line. It will handle a maximum input power of up to 10kW. The JHVP vertical dipole array has a 3-1/8” inner bay feed system. This antenna features a safe input rating of up to 40kW.

Excellent Performance for “HD Radio” with Superior VSWR Bandwidth

  • Vertically Polarized Solutions
  • Available for 88-108 MHz.
  • DC Ground at each bay for lightning protection
  • Optional Radomes available for JMVP (shown) & JHVP

Optimized Vertically Polarized FM Antennas

Both the Jampro JMVP & JHVP (Medium and High Power versions) deliver a vertically polarized FM pattern. The antenna assembly and tuning will be carried out on a similar tower. This insures a proper impedance match and minimum VSWR. The JLVP is also a field tunable LPFM, Booster and Translator antenna. As an option, circularity of the azimuth pattern can also be measured on our 7,000 sq. ft. test range. The aim is to determine the effect of the mounting structure on the antenna field pattern. Custom directional patterns and reduced RFR arrays are also available.

Finally, for more information and pricing, please call the Jampro sales office now if in working hours. Alternatively, please leave a message via the Contact us page. We will be back to you as soon as possible to discuss a solution. We wish to ensure that we meet your exact requirements.


J-L/M/H-VP -Vertically Polarized Antenna (230 downloads)

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