When you want More than Just an Antenna.
When you want More than Just an Antenna.

WorldDAB General Assembly – Brussels

Jampro/AlanDick Broadcast exhibited at the World DAB General Assembly event in Brussels from November 5th to 6th 2019. We highlighted the Alan Dick Broadcast range of DAB antennas that delivers 90% coverage across the UK.

Our single aperture DAB/FM antenna has become very popular. This is due to its ability to deliver both FM and DAB signals from the same location on a tower. This saves a lot of space and can also avoid the need for new towers.

Please do check out AlanDick Broadcasts DAB/FM Shared Aperture Antenna and our other DAB Antenna products.

If you need help with your DAB projects in terms of coverage and planning, please give us a call. We will assist you Please call us or out of hours leave a message via our Contact us page.